Developing Chinese Managers – Reasons for Enrolling on a Postgraduate Management Programme in the UK

  •  Zhaofeng Jiang    
  •  Carl Evans    


This paper examines the reasons why Chinese Managers come to the UK to study a postgraduate management qualification. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 27 managers from the Guangxi province in China, who were studying a Master of Arts award in Management Studies at the University of Worcester. The research indicates that managers were motivated by increased knowledge of Western management practices, improved business English skills and personal reasons such as travel opportunities and culture experiences. Nonetheless, without financial support from employers, it is doubtful whether these individuals would have committed to study in the UK. The paper concludes by suggesting actions that universities could make in order to maximize the learning experience of Chinese students in the UK.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.