An Assessment of Analysis on the Penetration of Malaysian Contractors into India

  •  Nur Aishah Mohd Hamdan    
  •  Hamimah Adnan    


This paper will give insight to India as a developing country and an emerging super-power in the world’s economy. It will explain the factors that contribute to the development of India and the changes India has gone through to achieve the success. Following a thorough literature review, questionnaire surveys were sent out to G7 contractors registered under CIDB Malaysia to understand the situation of contractors in their venture into the Indian construction market. It was found that the successful contractors viewed profit margin as the most important factor when tendering compared to building reputation in the Indian market. The contractors need to make groundwork or research, build/increase tolerance and skills in negotiation. An offer of attractive financial package and comprehensive services and good Indian partnership with local representatives to build better relationship and accumulate better market information are several main factors to succeed in the Indian construction market. The findings of this research provide useful information for any contractors to their intention in penetrate the Indian construction market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.