Russia’s Foreign Energy Policy in the New Context of International Energy Security

  •  Xiaoqin Chen    


The factor of energy has played more and more important part in the international economic and geo-political relations in the era of globalization. In the face of growing demand for energy and various risks and threats it has produced, seeking security through cooperation is an inevitable choice for the international community to safeguard world energy security. The notable feature of the current international energy security situation is that the contradictions between oil producing and consuming countries have intensified. As a world-class energy-exporting country, Russia has the world energy interests. In recent years, Russia has taken an active part in the international multilateral energy cooperation at the global level while at the regional level it has continued to deepen the dialogues and bilateral cooperation with the energy subjects. It has strived to turn the scale against the West in the energy bouts in the Central Asia, and gone all out to enter the Asia-Pacific energy market. Russia advocates the establishment of the global energy security system in the framework of Group of 8 Nations (G8), harmonizing the relations of energy producing and consuming countries. Its participating actively in the process of the world energy integration has laid a solid foundation for the realization of economic rise and national rejuvenation.

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