Attitude of Students towards Technical Education in Osun State

  •  B.O. Lawal    


The study examined the attitude of students towards technical education in Osun State, Nigeria. Descriptive research method was adopted by the investigator. The population of the study was made of 350 students comprising 200 males and 150 females. One validated research instrument was used to gather data. One research hypothesis was answered in the study. The results showed that: male students were more favourably disposed towards Technical Education since there was a significant difference between their mean attitude scores(4.008); students from rural setting had a higher disposition toward Technical Education as compared with their counter parts from the urban setting(4.912); the composition of the students showed a positive disposition with no much difference between their mean attitude scores; the t-value computed to establish the relationship between attitude and performance levels of students showed a negative correlation (t = -1.48); in spite of geographical location there was no marked difference in the attitude and interest of students for Technical Education. Almost half of the colleges do not have enough competent instructors. Among others, it was recommended that the state government should make efforts to purchase more teaching and learning aids for effective teaching in technical colleges. Comprehensive in-service programme must be devised by government for practicing instructors to update their knowledge in their various area of specialization.

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