Staff Sentiment and Engagement: A Critical Consideration in a Time of Change

  •  Samantha Sin    
  •  Nicholas McGuigan    
  •  Iris Chung    


Macquarie University has recently pronounced a number of teaching related policies. This study recognises the critical position of teaching staff and the impact that these policies have on their teaching activities. A large and diverse department presents an inclusive environment to investigate teaching staff’s sentiments, engagement and how they have complied and coped. Staff felt stress due to the lack of time to know about and to adjust to the many changes. A need for professional development was expressed. Unit convenors have expressed confidence that they have complied. There was a strong reliance on peer support to ensure compliance. This study recognised the importance of leadership in nurturing a collegial culture among staff and argued for tangible support for promoting the scholarship of learning and teaching. It has also suggested professional development to target the broader issues in contemporary higher education and ways of addressing them in teaching practices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.