Transformative e-Learning and Teaching in Mandatory Tertiary Education

  •  Peter Keegan    


Previous research identifies as crucial to successful online learning and teaching (eLT) transformative pedagogical strategies. Transformative L & T is the process by which we call into question our taken-for-granted habits of mind or mindsets to make them more inclusive, discriminating, open and reflective in order to guide our actions. This process can be codified into three phases that effectively ‘close the L & T loop’: critical reflection (feedback), reflective discourse (evaluation), and action (learning and teaching quality). This paper will examine the validity of these elements of transformative learning in relation to a blended (on-campus/online) tertiary-level capstone unit and current pedagogical models of eLT. Identifying and analyzing transformative L & T principles embedded (explicitly and implicitly) in the current blended experience provides a range of learning ideas, beliefs, habits and assumptions – pointing to self-direction, metacognition, and collaborative learning as key eLT facilitators – from which a broader pedagogical template responsive to eLT needs can be developed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.