An Empirical Study on the Application of Multi-modal Teaching Model on English Writing Teaching in China Senior High School

  •  Min Guo    
  •  Jiazhu Li    


Recently, Multi-modal teaching has attracted much attention in the field of second-language writing. Previous studies paid great attention to the pedagogical effects of this teaching model on the writing competence of college students in China. Less investigation focused on the writing performance of Chinese senior high school students. This study aims to investigate the influence of Multi-modal teaching model on English writing competence in terms of writing score, language performance, and students’ writing attitudes. The research instruments consist of two English writing tests, questionnaires and an interview. The research results showed that Multi-modal teaching model can significantly improve learners’ writing competence. Meanwhile, the attitudinal survey indicated that Multi-modal teaching model has a positive influence on senior high school English learners’ writing competence and writing interest.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.