Determinant of Ethical Financial Behavior Among Under Undergraduate Students: A Conceptual Framework

  •  Hainnuraqma Rahim    
  •  Mohamed Saladin Abdul Rasool    
  •  Nornajihah Nadia Hasbullah    
  •  Nor Balkish Zakaria    
  •  Mohd Hafiz Bakar    


The university years will experience a significant transitional moment in which parental monitoring and oversight are diminished, and the students attain a degree of financial independence. When entering college, many students face their first financial obligations, such as paying bills, budgeting, and establishing credit. University students are also more vulnerable to making unwise financial management. Poor financial management can trigger financial problems and stress for university students. This study examines the impact of financial knowledge, money attitude, financial self-efficacy, and locus of control on ethical financial behavior among university students. The aim of this paper is to propose Ethical Financial Behavior Among Under Undergraduate Student. Methodology used by the study is based from the literature search and secondary data to come out with the suggested framework. The expected findings of the study are four segments of Ethical Financial Behavior Among Under Undergraduate Students. This study provides complementary insight regarding financial-related understanding and assists in developing financial management-associated ideas, which are beneficial not only to students but also to society.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.