Prospects for the Resumption of the Peace Process in Syria

  •  Vassil Stankov    


The paper highlights the key features of the conflict in Syria and the reasons for the involvement of a number of regional and global players, whose behavior is driven by strife to protect their interests the best way possible, thus making it indicative of the prospects for resuming the peace process. The paper explores the current attitudes and approaches of the major stakeholders and ventures to analyze the rationale behind their actions in the event of an unfolding comprehensive peace process. Furthermore, the paper makes an assessment of the trends and prospects for a general reduction of hostilities and reopening the peace process vis-à-vis the attempts by Turkey and other important players to restore ties, improve relations and establish a dialogue with the Syrian regime. The paper goes on to reveal the nation-wide and local obstacles that need to be overcome should a genuine attempt be made towards rapprochement, ceasefire and reconciliation as a prelude to pacification and comprehensive discussions about future governance and a new Constitution. Finally, the paper concludes by suggesting a number of indicators worth following in order to anticipate a growing likelihood for reopening the peace process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.