Moderate Attitudes Towards Sex, Marriage, and LGBT in Indonesia: A Study of the Concept of Ipulaksanai and Its Implications for Sexuality, Marriage, and LGBT Norms Among Maanyan Dayak Communities in Indonesia

  •  Idrus Sasirais    
  •  Bimbing Kalvari    
  •  Agustinus Hermino    


The purpose of this research is to highlight the open and accepting attitude towards love, life, sexuality, and LGBT issues in the Maanyan Dayak tribe in Indonesia. They have a unique concept of "ipulaksanai," which emphasizes the interconnectedness of all human beings and a moderate and accepting view towards these topics. This serves as an inspiration for others in Indonesia facing a shift towards increasing conservatism, especially regarding sexual morals, to show more respect and respect for diverse attitudes towards love, life, sexuality, marriage, and LGBT issues. The Maanyan concept of "ipulaksanai" holds a similar view with the Indonesia philosophy of Unity in Diversity, different but one. This article is based on qualitative research conducted in 2019 with 14 informants, including traditional Dayak Maanyan figures, Kaharingan ritual leaders, Christian religious leaders, and representatives of the Maanyan community. The tribe believes in anti-violence and reconciliation and has a scapegoat mechanism in place to deal with sexual moral violations. The article shows how the tribe values democratic space regarding amorous and sexual initiatives and encourages people to ease the burden of shame.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.