The Origin and Development of Pongee in Shandong in Modern China

  •  Tianyi Song    
  •  Xiangyang Bian    


Pongee, also known as Shantung, originated and developed in Shandong, China is already a consensus in the academic community; China's modern era (late 19th century to the 1940s) is the golden period of pongee development, the influence of this period shantung all over the world. However, the origin and development of pongee in Shandong Province, the reasons for the current very few scholars to study. The article from the natural, historical, political, economic, and cultural perspectives explore the reasons for its origin in Shandong, summarizing the suitable geography, climate, reeling silk weaving a long history, the Qing Dynasty government and Shandong officials actively promote sericulture and pongee weaving technology; Shandong intellectuals compiled sericulture books, as well as manual silk weaving to supplement the small farmer economy, the opening of international trade along the coast of Shandong and other reasons. These factors are indispensable and interact, ultimately leading to the emergence and development of pongee in Shandong.

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