Research on Rural Fathers' Involvement in Early Childhood Education in China-Based on a Survey on 400 Families

  •  Jihui Gu    


To understand rural fathers' involvement in early childhood education, an anonymous self-report questionnaire was distributed to 400 fathers of children in six kindergartens in Sichuan Province. Mean of the scale is 3.78, in which the subscale of Mother Support (4.09±1.06) scores the highest, while Attentiveness (3.28±0.88) scores the lowest. Fathers different in education, occupations and number of children involves in children’s education differently. It was found that rural fathers’ involvement in early childhood education of Sichuan is comparatively low. It is necessary to reveal the factors hindering their participation through further research and find methods to improve it.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.