Shanghai Gong Shang Magazine and Shanghai Modern Textile Industry

  •  Huaming Zhang    
  •  Dawei Liao    


Shanghai Gong Shang is an official journal of Shanghai Federation of industry and commerce. During the period from 1949 to 1951, there were a lot of information about textile industry in Shanghai Gong Shang. The role of Shanghai Gong Shang is not only to help the government to publicize industrial and commercial policies, but also to help the government understand the ideological trends of people in the industrial and commercial circles at that time, and to answer the practical problems of production in the industrial and commercial circles. When major events occur and important policies are implemented, there are a large number of articles on the journals to introduce and interpret the events and policies. Generally speaking, Shanghai Gong Shang is an important information to understand the situation of industry, commerce and textile industry at that time.

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