Textual Research on the Historical Position of Cotton Textile Industry in Shanghai Area in Yuan Dynasty

  •  Hongjun Zhang    
  •  Kehui Deng    


The Yuan Dynasty was the real beginning of Shanghai, which was also one of the important hub areas of cotton planting and cotton textile spreading from the frontier to the inland in ancient China, but its specific situation and historical position were rarely studied. On the basis of carding the cotton textile technology, cotton output and the development of cotton commodity economy in this period, this paper reveals that the cotton textile industry in Shanghai played an important role in improving people's clothing and raw materials, improving local people's material living standards and promoting the economic development of Jiangnan areas and even the whole country in the Yuan Dynasty. It also laid a good foundation for the later development of Shanghai China's great historical development process, especially in economic development, has an indelible and non-negligible historical position.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.