Lamp Design from Wasted Fabric in Garment Industry

  •  Jong Boonpracha    
  •  Somsakul Jerasilp    


Garment Industry is one of the industries that have dumped a large amount of wasted fabric at least 30-40 kg / month. Wasted fabrics are caused by the process of sewing, hydraulic pumping, and flaws on fabric. Those wastes were not being used for any further utilization. The current work investigated the use of Upcycling, a process to converse waste material to become a new product with higher quality and environmentally friendly value, as a conceptual model in the design process and examined its value for Upcycling product design by looking at a case study project. The concept from the Upcycling framework study was chosen for the investigation in order to evaluate a case study: a wasted fabric lamp. The findings suggest that Upcycling was helpful for improving and developing a wasted fabric lamp throughout the design process: including idea development, decision making, and implementation. Based on the evaluation of 3 design experts, it was found that a wasted fabric lamp is appropriate for using new materials or raw materials that do not cause problems for the environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.