Impact of Smartphone: A Review on Positive and Negative Effects on Students

  •  Manvin Kaur Kuldip Singh    
  •  Narina A. Samah    


The use of smartphone among university students in the 21st century is seen as an important part of their life because of its advanced features. Students use their smartphones to accomplish their various daily tasks. Reviews from various studies reveled that students utilize smartphones for various objectives. Most of the students utilize smartphones for entertainment, social and education purposes. This study aims to review relevant literature on smartphone usage pattern among students and identify the positive and negative effect of smartphone on students by focusing on education, psychology and social aspect. Therefore, the review of this study is important in providing the outcome of smartphone use either it is positively or negatively effecting students life. This information is useful for researchers to conduct further studies in this field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.