Status of Political Reforms Toward Violence’s Against Women in the Middle East

  •  Abdulrahman Al-Fawwaz    


Women are considered as equal and essential part of the society, and have all the rights to live according to their will. However, in various countries, they are not given such chances; even their legislative positioning is also weak. The purpose of the study is to critically review the status of political reforms made towards violence against women in the Middle East. The paper tends to investigate that how women of Middle East are treated unequally and unfairly.

The findings of the paper reveals that the status of political reforms towards violence against women in the Middle East is weak as the societies are male-dominated. Females are not given equal opportunity to live and their quality of life is poor because there is no such strong implementation of legislative policies.

There is much need of policy implications so that the political reforms can be made towards providing equal and fair rights to females. Women due to poor implementation of policies face the violence; however, governmental interventions can help to overcome such inequality in the Middle East.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.