Minkowski Space and Tachyon Velocity

  •  Jacques Consiglio    


A brief analysis of classical tachyons in Minkowski space shows that de Broglie wave phase velocity V = c2/v does not enable causality violations and gives an inversion of energy/momentum ratio between bradyons and tachyons. It leads to considering Vv = c2 as a symmetry of Minkowski space where, for V > c, the signature of space-time is seen inverted. The inversion is shown coherent with Cramer’s transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics, but implies the physical existence of the past and the inexistence of the future.

In a recent paper we assume that the electron wave is a magnetic current at the origin of its mass; it leads to reversed coefficients with respect to the Dirac condition. Using space-time signature inversion we show that the monopole has, in linked electrons states, quantized velocities in agreement with the de Broglie wave phase velocity. The magnetic charge is relativistic and quantum in origin and comes from the Lorentz transformation of a quantum of current. We also show that gravitation is a natural consequence of the theory.

The predicted charges agree with experimental results from Ehrenhaft, Schedling, Ferber and Mikhaïlov. They also agree, in phenomenology, with recent results related to symmetry breaking in superconductors, and give plausible kinematics to the emission process in the Podkletlov and Poher experiments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
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