Accommodating the Interest of Local Community in Resolving Conflicts: A Case in Bentayan’s Wildlife Area, South Sumatra, Indonesia

  •  Didi Tahyudin    
  •  Ridha Taqwa    
  •  Dadang H. P.    
  •  . Alfitri    


The developments of forest conservation Wildlife (SM) in Bentayan as flora and fauna ecology has created a conflict within the society and has negatively affected the wellbeing of the community in the area. The communities have used a lot of natural resources for their life. A development of Bentayan’s Wildlife Centre has been opposed by the community as the usage of various natural resources have been restricted after the development of the wildlife centre started. In order to solve the conflicts, many strategies have been employed. However, the expected outcome has not yet been achieved. Therefore, the current study provides a conflict resolution model approach to accommodate the interests of all parties, both society and government through the Natural Resources Conservation Center. The model was developed from narrative data that was collected through series of dialogues and negotiation process with both parties (community and agency/Centre) involving stakeholders and community members. This proposed model can be used as a framework for managing forestry and wildlife centre.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.