Grain Yield of Maize Hybrids in Response to Inoculation with Azospirillum sp. under Nitrogen Limiting Conditions in Huaura, Peru

  •  Elin Teodoro-Cerna    
  •  Eroncio Mendoza-Nieto    
  •  Sergio Eduardo Contreras-Liza    


This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of Azospirillum sp. inoculated with different nitrogen levels (0, 60, 90, 180 kg ha-1) on grain yield, yield components and agronomic traits of hybrid maize at the arid conditions of the central coast of Peru. The experimental design used was randomized complete block design with four replications per treatment, under the arrangement of subdivided plots, in which three corn hybrids were assigned to complete plots and four inoculant-N fertilization treatments, to the subplots. The results showed that for dose fertilization of 180 kg ha-1 of nitrogen (control), the grain yield of hybrid corn was similar as compared to 60-120 kg ha-1 N fertilization inoculated at 15 and 45 days with a native strain of Azospirillum sp., suggesting that the response in grain yield for hybrid corn can be balanced with nitrogen fertilization and inoculation with Azospirillum sp. 1x108 CFU mL-1 in conditions of arid soils, with possible impact on the use of this microorganism in the maize production system

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.