Innovations of Organic Agriculture, Challenges and Organic Certification in the United States

  •  ZaDarreyal Wiggins    
  •  Dilip Nandwani    


Organic agriculture is a production system that maintains the health of an agro-ecosystem by enhancing biodiversity and producing healthy soils by eliminating the use of chemicals. Other practices are used to enhance properties of the soil and increase long term soil fertility and prevent pest and diseases. Globally, organic agriculture has grown approximately by 20% yearly as consumers and growers make healthier food choices and show more concern about the impacts of our actions on the environment. Organic agriculture attempts to increase the level of food security and create a more sustainable environment for future generations. Organic certification has continuously increased as the benefits steady arise for farmers looking to produce healthier food. This article will observe the history, present day, challenges, certifications, impacts and benefits of the intriguing organic agricultural world.

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