Function Transformation of Government from the Low-carbon Economy Perspective: Model, Path and Integration

  •  Zuojun Wang    
  •  Diwan Li    
  •  Jin Tan    
  •  Yan Luo    


With the development of the world economy and the unsustainable use of resources, the environment is becoming devastating and has serious problems. In order to strengthen environmental management, it’s time to develop the low-carbon economy. Government as the main body, it should transform its functions actively to promote the development of the low-carbon economy in the whole society. This article selects a new perspective that is through two dimensions “the implementation efficiency of government function” and “the extent of low-carbon marketization”, and accordingly constructs four modes of the transformation of government function from the perspective of low carbon economy , that is “accomplish nothing” type, “stick in the mud” type, “paper tiger” type and “much to offer” type. Furthermore, the article discusses the transformation paths between these models and makes it system integration (M-P-I paradigm). To achieve the best transformation of government functions from low-carbon perspective, finally, this paper provides related advices and strategies for governments department.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.