An Assessment of Local Empowerment and Environment Management Project (LEEMP) in Benue and Katsina States of Nigeria

  •  Adam Adem Anyebe    
  •  Victor Mkuma Bem    


It is generally claimed that in the past, poverty reduction programmes in Nigeria failed because the beneficiaries were not involved in the programme design and formulation. However, LEEMP was designed to be community driven and thus it was expected to record a level of success. This study, therefore, attempted to assess LEEMP in Benue and Katsina states. It was hypothesized among others, that LEEMP has reduced unemployment and poverty in Benue and Katsina states. The study used both primary and secondary data. The data obtained were presented in tabular form. T-test and cumulative percentages were adopted for analyzing and testing the hypotheses formulated. The study revealed among others, that LEEMP has not significantly reduced unemployment and poverty in the areas of study. In the same vein, the benefits of the LEEMP activities in the limited geographical coverage were subsumed by the general social infrastructural decay, hence no significant effect. It was suggested that LEEMP should be reviewed and expanded to ensure wider coverage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.