An Analysis on Violence and Suicide among Police Officers

  •  Purda-Nicoara Valeria-Liliana-Amelia    


Increased consumption and intensive computerization have generated an increasing interest in the production
process and increased productivity at the expense of the human factor and its performance, and the progressive
brutalization of occupations and organizations has become one of the most important sources of suffering at the
workplace. Worrying mutations suffered by society are also reflected, of course, in individuals working for the
police. For these reasons, it is necessary that being a policeman should be further examined in all its dimensions.
The objective of this paper is to present some difficulties met by police officers, their behavior and their feelings,
the sources of stress, pain or discomfort in the workplace so that these issues can be taken into account to improve
the work climate, the professional practices in the field, and to prevent the negative impact these may have on
police organizations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.