Leadership and Its Place in Organisations: A Theoretical Synthetic Analysis (Note 1)

  •  Sunday Akindele    
  •  Yakibi Afolabi    


The issue of leadership in the context of its place in our organisation and, in various human terrains has elicited
series of scholarly attentions over the years. Leadership has become a key concern in organisations within both
the private and public sectors of polities and corporate settings in today’s world where everything begins and
ends with the issue of leadership and its types. In fact, leadership determines the successes or failures of any
human endeavour.
Against this premise, this paper deals with the issue of leadership using a synthetic analytical approach. It seeks
a further retooling of the hitherto mutually inclusive components of leadership and its various types. In the
process, while examining the linkage between the concepts of leadership and power and, the latter’s
transformation into legitimate authority; the concept of change leadership and its currency within the matrix of
organisational and management studies was examined.
The paper concludes with the emphasis that the evocation of the concept of leadership, its types and/or styles, to
alter the behaviours of others in groups and organisations will infinitely continue in our world, particularly at this
period of the planetary phenomenon of globalization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.