Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Performance in Libya Firm

  •  Fathi ALDamoe    
  •  Mohamd Yazam    
  •  Kamal Hamid    


The business world is concerned with improvement of organizational performance. Consequently, Human
Resource Management (HRM) practices outcome on organizational performance has been the major concern of
the previous scholars. Therefore, any organization that fails to improve its performance would not be able to meet
up with trends in achieving competitive advantages. Accordingly, the aim of this study is to elaborate on the effect
of HRM practices outcome on organizational performance in Libyan firm. From the literature scrutiny, this paper
wraps up that HRM practices such as rewards and compensations as well as, performance appraisal are the HRM
practices that improve organizational performance within the organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.