Research on the Government’s Public Crisis Management under the New Media Environment: A Case Study of TikTok Account of “Communist Youth League Central Committee”

  •  Shiqi Li    


Given the frequent occurrence of public crisis events in China in the new media era, with the frame theory as the theoretical basis and the TikTok Account of the “Communist Youth League Central Committee” as the research object, this paper uses the literature analysis to systematically analyze the public crisis management reports involved in governmental short videos. On the whole, this paper aims to observe and grasp the current situation of the government’s public crisis management under the new media environment through the analysis of various aspects, encompassing video themes, related words in the video introduction, manifestations, release time, video duration, audience’s feedback data, user comments, etc. This research indicates that the TikTok account of “Communist Youth League Central Committee” will highlight the theme of public crisis and promote publicity around public management, adheres to the guidance of public opinion and has a good guidance strategy, and grasps the limit of entertainment, the form of communication is diversified. But the two-way interaction of its communication topics is relatively low, and it does not pay enough attention to the details of video production or effectively communicate with other levels of government affairs accounts. So the account operators should timely respond to the questions raised by users in the comment section, optimize the details of video production and interconnect with other types and levels of short video accounts of government affairs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.