Uncovering the Influence Mechanism between End-User Involvement and Product Usage in Public Procurement: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective

  •  Emmanuel Kwabena Anin    
  •  Henry Ataburo    
  •  Akwasi Adu Frimpong    
  •  Getrude Effah Ampong    


End-user centric procurement practices, while receiving a growing scholarly and policy interest, lack solid theoretical and empirical foundations. Using service-dominant logic, this study seeks to uncover the influence mechanism between end-user involvement and product usage in public sector procurement. Primary data was gathered from 122 public organisations in a developing economy, Ghana. PROCESS macro for SPSS was used to estimate the study model. The findings suggest that end-user involvement is positively related to end-user satisfaction but not product usage. Additionally, the findings provide empirical support for our contention that the link between end-user involvement and end-user product usage is mediated by end-user satisfaction. This study adds to the end-user centric procurement literature by offering theoretical and empirical insights on the end-user satisfaction process that explains the relationship between end-user involvement and product usage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.