A Summary of Researches on the Quality of Home-based Care Services in China

  •  Yi-Luo Wang    
  •  Ying Duan    
  •  Ying Zhang    


With the increase of the aging of the population in china, the demand of the elderly continues to increase, which has brought great challenges to the elderly care service industry. As a new type of elderly care service, home-based care services directly affect the quality of the elderly’s health and daily life in their later years. Therefore, improving the product and quality of elderly care services has become the goal and purpose of the development of home-based care service for aged. This article uses Cite Space software to perform visual analysis of keyword clustering on existing literature, and concludes that scholars focus on the integration of medical care, social elderly care service system, service quality, and influencing factors, but the impact of service quality models and indicator systems is low. Then through the integration and induction of scholars’ research progress on home care services, existing problems in service quality, and service quality evaluation index systems, in order to continue to innovate on the basis of existing knowledge, improve the service quality index system, and focus on combing process indicators with outcome indicators effectively, thereby improving the quality of community home care services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.