Robot Secured Wireless Authentication Using Look-Up Table Based Coding

  •  Mahmoud Malek Abu-A'ra    


Securing restricted areas is a major concern for sensitive institutes, like military or research labs. Most security measures rely on having some of the biometrics that human beings possess to identify the user and grant access permissions. Yet, with the wide spread of robotic systems and avatars, these entities need to be authenticated as well, since they might require access to such facilities, hence, the need to provide security measures that can handle non-biological entities with high levels of security and that is not vulnerable to hacking is becoming essential.

In this research we propose a novel and unique system for encoding the passcode that is known only to the authorized user using a specially designed look-up table. The system’s hardware requires reconfiguring doors’ security modules to have Near Field Communication (NFC) initialized inside them, and have the Robot initialized with the same hardware, and a wireless controller for the NFC will be given to the operator. The hardware has low-cost, and is easy to use since it is considered as plug and play module. XBEE was adopted as a wireless communication module between the operator and the robot in order to wirelessly connect to an NFC chip that is installed (as plug and play) on any Robotic system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.