A Novel Multi-Level Security Technique Based on IRIS Image Encoding

  •  Sadeq AL-Hamouz    


Providing highly secured access to restricted or private areas has become highly required these days, mainly due to terrorism threats. One method of security is no longer sufficient, hence the term and technology of a “multi-level” security system was developed by integrating more than one security procedure, on both hardware and software levels. This research provides a simple, cheap, easily achievable, yet highly secured multi-level security system to control access through doors. The system integrates IRIS scan authentication, innovative IRIS image encoding, encrypted of mobile communication, and multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Security as main procedures of security. The system’s novelty shows in the encoding and encryption of IRIS image data that is acquired by a mobile phone before it is sent to the authentication site, where it is decrypted by a cheap and fast MCU to retrieve the IRIS image that is fed into a Neural Network in order to grant authorization to the user.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.