Texturing Parameters and Characteristics of Multi-head CO2 Laser Surface Texturing

  •  Le Zhou    
  •  Peifeng Chen    


Cold-rolled steel sheets with specially designed surface topographies are widely in applications in car and fabrication industry. Laser texturing is a novel technique used to texture the cold roller surface to produce high quality steel sheets with good formability and image clarity. Principle of multi-head CO2 laser surface texturing technique using polygon scanner for beam modulation is introduced. Texturing parameters and their influence are investigated. The obtained craters are of volcano shape with diameter of 120~230?m, depth of 7~21?m and bump height of 5~17?m. The surface average roughness Ra is in the range of 1.03~5.86?m. The textured surface is abrasive resistant and prolongs the roller service life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.