Building a Trust Model for Social Network

  •  Osama Rababah    
  •  Bassam Alqudah    


The revolution in information technology and the use of the internet changed the lifestyle of people. A major change was in the way of shopping. Companies started to offer their products online using social network s and people started to buy from the internet. Using social network has many benefits to the users starting from exploring a large variety of products to the very first way of ordering and the availability of the products 24 hours a day. One of the main problems that is found in using a social network is trusting the using social network social network s. the student concern about trusting to buy from the using social network social network s. Trust is a major concern for the merchant too; his concern is how to gain the student trust and to keep it. Many factors play a major role in acquiring the student trust in the online market. These factors rely on the social network characteristics such as design, interactivity and age and other factors vary from the social network quality, service quality, security policy of the social network, the privacy policy, the guarantee offered, the satisfaction of the user, the ease of use, the risk aversion and the culture factors. This study introduces the trusting affecting factors mentioned above and their effect on the trustworthiness factors (ability, benevolence, and integrity) a trust model has been built to show the relation between these factors and the trustworthiness factors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.