Study on the Method of the Laser Backward Detection of Underwater Bubble Films Based on the Spatial Analysis

  •  Jianwei Zhang    
  •  Kuntao Yang    
  •  Zhiguo Ma    


The backward light scattering characteristics of the water body and the bubble films are analyzed by the light transmission theory under water and the Mie light scattering theory, and the result shows that their spatial distributions are different. The backward light scattering of the water body is the monotone decreasing smooth curve, but the backward light scattering of bubble films presents complex change. Based on that, a new underwater bubble films laser backward detection method is proposed in this article. By the multiunit detector, this method could receive the backward scattering light signals, and detect the bubble films by the spatial analysis. The experiment result indicates that this method could realize the effective detection of the underwater bubble films, especial the detection of the distant bubble films.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.