Analysis of the Types of Classroom Questions Which Jordanian English Language Teachers Ask

  •  Hamzah A. Omari    


The present study aimed to explore the types of classroom questions which Jordanian English language teachers ask. The sample of the study consisted of 77 teachers who were randomly selected from different public and private schools in Amman- Jordan. A total of 1574 classroom questions were collected and analyzed using descriptive statistics, t test and analysis of variance. The results showed that 80% of teachers’ questions were on low thinking levels; 77% were closed-ended questions; and 86% were display questions. The results also indicated that teachers used higher thinking questions, more referential questions, and more open- ended questions at upper basic stage and secondary stage. It was recommended that EFL teachers in Jordan ask different types of questions at each grade level. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.