Improving Mathematical Learning by the Use of Computer Programming

  •  Nachayapat Rodprayoon    
  •  Chompu Nuangjamnong    
  •  Stanislaw Paul Maj    


Computer technology is now an integral aspect of modern life. It is also a tool that can support the learning of different disciplines. Computer technology provides the possibility to display rich graphical images which may be especially important when teaching different branches of mathematics such as trigonometry. An on-screen image (diagram) clearly demonstrates the relationship between key learning points and how they interact. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of the associated program supports interactive learning in which the parameters may be modified and the result displayed - which is basis of the constructivist theory of pedagogy. This paper is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the use of computer science as a tool to improve the teaching of trigonometry.  

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.