Analysis of the Flow Pipe Arrangement in RTM Process

  •  Jinliang Liu    
  •  Xiaoqing Wu    


In RTM process, the condition which the flow of resin in the pipeline according with the Darcy's law is the movement of laminar fluid and the Reynolds number less than 1. This paper simulated the flow of the resin in the pipeline by changing the length and diameter of the passageway of pipeline with finite element analytical method. In the result, the relationship of the fluid speed on the exit in pipeline and Reynolds number, also the scope of flow rate of the resin in the pipes can be gained. The test result shows that: exit velocity had little to do with the length, but the ratio of pipeline diameter. When the diameter of entrance assume value of 6 mm,10mm,16mm and 20mm and the diameter of exit 6 mm, 10mm and 16 mm respectively, the maximum speed should be 694.442 mm per second, 416.667 mm per second and 260.414 mm per second accordingly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.