UWB Single Port Log Periodic Toothed Terahertz Antenna Design Based on Graphene Artificial Magnetic Conductor

  •  Hussein Abdulnabi    
  •  Refat Hussein    
  •  Raad Fyath    


In this work, a single port exponential tapered toothed log periodic antenna based on graphene artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) is suggested for ultra-wideband (1–10) THz operation. The resonance frequency of the proposed antenna can be tuned by changing the connected DC voltage which leads to variation in the chemical potential of the graphene.The radiating toothed log periodic antenna consists of gold patch placed on 25x25 graphene patches which act as an AMC surface unit. Exponential taper is used to satisfy impedance matching between the antenna and the feeder over the frequency range. The simulation results reveal that 90% of frequency range satisfies when the chemical potential is1eV.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.