Nanotechnology in Textiles Finishment

  •  Dongxue Liu    
  •  Weiguo Dong    


The ways of using the nanometer material to give the textile fabric some function is listed and compared in this article. In the early research, first the nanometer material preparation is alone carries on. And then using this to make the finishing agent. Finally put the agent on the fabric by finishment. At present, people combine the preparation of nanometer material and finishing agent together, and then cover this on fabric through the normal finishment. Recentlly research the trend is to compact the three steps to one step, completing the nanometer material preparation, the finishment agent production and the finishing process at the time. Various examples are given in this artile. At the end, some reserches about cotton fiber hole structure are listed, which has implicited a new way to take advantage of nanometer merterial and a bright future about a new type cotton fiber.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.