A Stochastic Surgery Sequencing Model Considering the Moral and Human Virtues

  •  Gerami Farzad    
  •  Saidi Mehrabad Mohammad    


In this research, we will work sequencing problem of patients demanding surgery under uncertainty in times (including the surgical time, time to prepare the operating room, patient awake time before transferring to the recovery room …). For this problem, a stochastic mixed integer programming model as Stochastic Surgery Sequencing Model (S3M) has been developed.Since this model is achance-constraint problem, which makes it very complex. This problem aims to minimize the cost of operating room personnel overtime and to reduce patient’s waiting time. In mathematical schedule models, we consider three level of patient’s priority ( ). Based on these moral and human dimensions, decision maker can prioritize patients. Restrictions on the balance the operating roomsand priorities for patients are all from the real-world constraints, are included in this issue. A branch-reduce-cut algorithm is used to solve the model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.