Motion Control of Underwater Supercavitating Projectiles in Vertical Plane

  •  Daijin Li    
  •  Yuwen Zhang    
  •  Kai Luo    
  •  Jianjun Dang    


Supercavitating projectiles are characterized by substantially reduced hydrodynamic drag from the fully wetted underwater projectiles. Drag is localized at the nose of the projectile, where a cavitator generates a cavity that completely envelops the body (supercavity). While a supercavitating projectile moving in cruise phase, its motion modes is different from that of a usual wetted projectiles. Based on the motion characteristics, an indirect fixed-depth control via controlling the pitch angle feedback schemes adopting the margin steering control method is put forward. The control method is robust and easy to implement. The research may be useful for designing the control system of supercavitating projectiles.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.