Gas Hold up in Multiple Impeller Agitated Vessels

  •  Kaliannan Saravanan    
  •  Veerappan Ramamurthy    
  •  Kothandaraman Chandramohan    


Gas hold up was measured in mechanically agitated vessels fitted with dual impellers. Different impellers like Pitched blade turbine and Disc turbine were used. 5 different combinations of dual impellers were used. A tank of 0.45 m internal diameter with an impeller diameter of 0.15m was used. Superficial gas velocity was varied from 0.005m/sec to 0.01 m/ sec. Correlations are proposed for gas hold ups for different combinations of impellers. Optimum combination of dual impellers for maximum gas hold up has been identified. The effect of bottom clearance, inter impeller clearance and physical properties like surface tension on gas hold up were also studied for the optimum combination of impellers

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.