High Tech of Controlled Pumping into Whole Muscle Meat Food

  •  Ivan Fiodorovich Gorlov    
  •  Andrey Georgievich Khramtsov    
  •  Sergey Aleksandrovich Titov    
  •  Irina Anatolievna Glotova    
  •  Valentin Ivanovich Shipulin    
  •  Marina Ivanovna Slozhenkina    
  •  Aleksandr Vasilievich Randelin    
  •  Elena Yurievna Zlobina    
  •  Andrey Vladimirovich Kulikovskiy    


This work is aimed at the improving the processing methods of producing the injected whole muscle meat products through the use of whey as a universal bio-eco-material and rapeseed protein concentrate. To eliminate the existing adverse effect of the electro-flotational separation of the whey components, an apparatus for electro-flotational processing in which the current does not flow through the whey has been worked out. The sensory analysis helped to find out that the typical aromatic substances of the whey hardly contribute to the aroma of the roast chicken leg quarter samples injected with the brine of modified composition, as modifying of the whey volatiles occurs in the electro-flotation process. The proposed formulation of the injection brine allows not only to increase the biological value of the products, but also purposefully form the functional and technological properties of poultry meat, with no hydrocolloids to use without compromising the product quality. Improving the functional and technological properties of the chicken leg quarters after pumping with modified brine is influenced by three factors. Firstly, the removal of the hydrogen index of the float whey from the isoelectric point of the basic proteins of the raw meat; secondly, the maximum capacity of the rapeseed proteins to bind moisture at pH 6-8; thirdly, the additional effect of the calcium ions in the whey composition on the structuring in the protein systems.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.