Implementation of the Binary Random Number Generator Using the Knight Tour Problem

  •  Ali Shakir Mahmood    
  •  Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim    
  •  Nur Zuraifah Syazrah Othman    


A random number can be defined as a set of numbers produced by a numerical function, in which the next number is unpredictable and a relationship between successive occurrences is lacking. Moreover, these sequences cannot be reproduced unless the same generator function with an exact initial value is used. The design of a random number generator must overcome the previous problems of a low periodic and the capacity to reproduce the same sequence. This paper proposes the knight tour as a tool for generating pseudo random numbers. These random numbers can be use in the encryption process or in a password generator for network administrators. The randomness test suite is used to ensure the randomness of outcome sequences. Roughly, 75% of the test results obtained is better than the results from other works. The statistical properties and security analysis indicate that the knight tour application is highly successful in generating a pseudo random number with good statistical results, high linear complexity and strong capacity to withstand attacks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.