The Evaluation of Deflected Mode of Wall Hollow Zone of Standpipe

  •  Alpysbai Ainabekov    
  •  Ulanbator Suleimenov    
  •  Medetbek Kambarov    
  •  Chfsen Abshenov    
  •  Svetlana Buganova    


The result of experimental research of the deflected mode of the wall hollow zone of standpipe model is considered in this article. Significant concentration of stresses in the zone of wall hollows are revealed, as well as the effect of " latching" of the wall model in consequence of redistribution of stresses in the zone of the defect., as well as the dependences of the stress concentration factor on the depth and radius of the hollow is established. The results, which are allowed to prove the necessity of the analyses and design of tank structures of stress concentration in the area of hollows has found. Expressions are obtained by the analyses of stress concentration factors based on the geometric dimensions of hollows in the wall of the tank.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.