Method of Static Characteristics Calculation of Adjustable Two-Ring Type Full-Metal Vibroinsulators in a Non-Linear Approach

  •  Vladimir Melentjev    
  •  Alexander Gvozdev    


Full-metal vibroinsulators with circular elements are widely spread and effectively reduce a harmful impact of vibration in mechanical systems. However, in a contemporary literature an issue of a regulation of that kind of vibroinsulators and their study, considering non-linearity of the characteristics, is addressed insufficiently. In the presented study by a joint implementation of Mohr's method and finite element method the method of a calculation of loading characteristics of adjustable full-metal vibroinsulators with elastic elements in the form of an ellipse and a system of two ellipses was developed. Broad (in a few hundreds of times) capabilities to regulate their rigidity characteristics were demonstrated. The presence of zone of quasi-zero rigidity is detected. The method allows to accurately determine parameters of a vibroinsulator, which increases quality of final products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.