Determination of Genistein and Protein Content in Apios Carnea and Apios Fortunei from China, and Apios Americana

  •  Kenneth Brown    
  •  Jianhua Li    
  •  Katherine Wirth    
  •  Emily Wilkins    
  •  Jim Tufts    
  •  Fernando Bahena    


Several different groundnut Apios species obtained from various locations in China and North America were evaluated for genistein and total protein content. This preliminary research was conducted to determine the viability of these species as potential food sources. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was the instrumentation used to determine the concentration genistein in Apios (Fabaceae) species including A. carnea and A. fortunei from China and A. americana from North America. The extracts of 80% ethanol were analyzed under HPLC isocratic conditions at a wavelength of 270 nm and the Lowry Protein Assay at 650 nm was utilized to determine the amount of protein in the samples. A linear calibration range of 0 ppm-340 ppm for genistein was obtained and the presence of genistein was also confirmed using LC-MS (M+, m/z 271). Genistein was present from 15-393 µg genistein/g plant, with the most genistein found within the groundnut tuber system. Of the samples analyzed, the A. americana plant contained the largest amount of genistein. The protein content ranged from 14-30 mg/g plant.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.