Nonlinear Shear Buckling Parametric Finite-Element Analysis of Corrugated Steel Webs

  •  Zhiquan Wen    
  •  Wenlong Wei    


The corrugated steel web of prestressed concrete box-girder with corrugated steel webs is in pure shear stress state. The shear-resistant capacity of the corrugated steel web is not determined by the shear strength of steel web, but controlled by the shear buckling strength of steel web. The shear buckling mode and ultimate shear capacity of corrugated steel webs are analyzed by nonlinear finite elements method. The corrugated webs are simulated by 8-node structure shell element. The simulation was done for the defect of corrugated steel web with uniform imperfections mode method, and the defects were included in the material nonlinearity and geometric nonlinearity. On this basis, the influences of corrugation configuration, the overall profile dimensions and steel thickness of corrugated webs on ultimate shear buckling load and buckling mode are investigated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.