Study on the Vehicle Increase Prediction Model on Chinese Highways

  •  Wei Fu    


The vehicle increase prediction was discussed in the article. Starting from the actual situation and the characters of vehicle increase on the highways, various factors such as the large base of vehicle amount, the increase of average income, rural vehicle amount, the enhancement of comprehensive vehicle amount and the increase phenomena of vehicle purchase by young people to impact the vehicle increase on highways were considered comprehensively, and the statistical analysis were made aiming at these factors one by one, and the impacts of these factors on the vehicle increase on highways and the concrete impacting modes were discussed, and the vehicle increase model were established and improved. By the statistical software SPSS, the regression analysis of the curve parameter estimation was made to confirm the function form of the concrete curve, and the Mathematica and Matlab were used to confirm the parameters and influences of various factors in the model by a series of data fitting, and the final model were established.

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