Study of Different Construction Processes Affecting the Installation of Appropriate Cambers for Long-Span Railway Cable-Stayed Bridges

  •  Chen Zengshun    
  •  Song Jun    
  •  Zhang Cheng    
  •  Huang Guanrong    
  •  Wei Haoyang    


There are few studies on the installation of appropriate cambers for long-span railway cable-stayed bridges at home and abroad. This article describes the influential factors of thte installation of cambers, and analyses its theories and approaches, as well as takes use of design formula for appropriate camber installation. Combining project cases of long-span railway cable-stayed bridges, and exploiting FEM software-Midas civil2010, the article has an analytic study on effects of different construction processes on camber installation, which is the basis of installing cambers of such bridges in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.